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Along Kampala Road 900 meters from Masaka Town, Circular Road Street | P.O Box 98 Masaka

+256 0200 90 1190

Rendezvous Bar

Rendezvous Bar

The Rich Tradition of personal Service

The Rendezvous bar is the ideal place to wind down and relax after an activity-filled day. A place to meet interesting people, enjoy a drink with colleagues, and be entertained by the sweetest hymns and selections.

Aesthetically designed after the traditional decor of African furnishings, experience the gentle breeze of Masaka City soothing your senses.

Opens daily from 8:00 am – 12:00am

Calm and relaxed atmosphere

Enjoy your drink, have a nibble, and let your mind travel through the African night sky. Prominently located beside the gardens, the Rendezvous Bar offers a wide range of drinks and foods.